Visual Bible: Matthew - DVD

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The book of Matthew dramatized verse by verse.
The only dramatization using the actual scriptures...word for word from the bible.

The Matthew video series broke new ground by offering the first-ever dramatic portrayal of events in the Bible, presented word for word from the best-selling New International VersionĀ® (NIV) translation. Now you can experience this thrilling epic in DVD format, which blends the superior digital surround sound of CDs with crisp, high-resolution digital images.

Matthew lends itself beautifully to the new DVD technology. In addition to the superior format, you have multiple viewing options which include:

- Watch the full movie.
- Select Spanish or English.
- Go directly to any of the 99 events filmed or search by one of these events.
- Conduct a search by Bible chapter taken from the book of Matthew.
- Display subtitles (this feature also provides an open-caption function for the hearing-impaired).
- Play the soundtrack.
- View biographies of key Bible characters from Matthew.
- The tremendous popularity of this video series has given new understanding and a new perspective to the world's best-selling book, the Bible. Now, through DVD technology, this innovative product has even greater opportunity for unlimited applications.

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