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Unidentified - DVD


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Two reporters from a national magazine are sent to investigate; their editor wants to publish a story on the controversial subject of UFOs. Brad (Josh Adamson) thinks they're a hoax but Keith (Jonathan Aube) senses that something is out there. What follows is a quest by each man to prove the other wrong. Are UFOs real? A hoax? Is there an explanation?

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An incident occurs in a small Texas town. A man, while driving at night home on a back highway, claims to have encountered a UFO.

Two reporters from a national magazine are sent to investigate; their editor wants to publish a story on the controversial subject of UFOs. Brad (Josh Adamson) thinks they're a hoax but Keith (Jonathan Aube) senses that something is out there. What follows is a quest by each man to prove the other wrong. Are UFOs real? A hoax? Is there an explanation?

From Rich Christiano, the director of Time Changer and The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Unidentified is a thought provoking film that goes beyond the UFO debate and challenges viewers to consider life's most important question! This film is VERY evangelistic and is an excellent witnessing tool! (85 min)

Originally released in theaters.

  • Cast: Jonathan Aube, Josh Adamson, Michael Blain-Rozgay, Jenna Bailey, Lance Zitron, Rebecca St. James
  • Writer: Rich Christiano
  • Producers: Rich Christiano, Alvin Mount
  • Director: Rich Christiano
  • Extra features: A 40 minute documentary on "The Making of Unidentified", A 9 Minute Cast Featurette, Director / Actor Commentary, Spanish Language, Special Message From the Director, Closed Captioned
  • 85 Minutes, Drama, Close Captioned
  • Customer Reviews

    Great characters! Review by Ginny
    From the opening "War of the Worlds" flashback to the surprise ending, "Unidentified" features a outstanding cast. Fans of Rich and Dave Christiano's other films will recognize Vince and Lauren from their previous roles, but all of the cast members - even the witch - are excellent. The plot follows a magazine story about UFOs, with each of the writers contributing to the final feature. But the "spiritual dimension" of UFO encounters forces lead writer Keith to confront his own relationship with the Lord. An outstanding soundtrack adds to the suspense, and while the "alien encounters" are not the flashy special effects seen in Hollywood, the "witnesses" are clearly terrified. As with all Christiano films, the gospel is clearly presented but skillfully woven into the storyline.
    (Posted on 7/21/2013)
    powerful truths presented well! Review by G.P. Waterfall
    Unidentified is another Christiano brothers classic. Great script and fine acting - even the Hitchcock-like appearance of Rich in the diner! The world of UFO sightings/encounters/ abductions and related books and films is a dark one - clearly the domain of the demonic. Some research has also shown that a high percentage of those claiming encounters and abductions were incest and child abuse victims. Years ago, when I read books and watched films about the subject, it was always an eerie experience. Then I heard Norman Geisler say what this film suggests - that aliens are demons and the UFOs and related events are in the realm of the satanic - part of a great deception designed to keep people from finding God through Jesus Christ. (Posted on 10/14/2011)
    Really Good movie Review by natthenurse
    Enjoyed this movie..loved how it addressed the issues and the ending was funny!! (Posted on 9/2/2011)
    Unidentified Review by Lo from Wilmington
    Great movie..realistic, thought provoking, right now timing.. great for those unbelievers who are looking for an answer except for "Jesus the Messiah" who is right in their face..but best for those christians who are stratling the fence and still believe in UFO's or unspoken fears oppressed and like us all need to be delivered..this movie shows just how dangerous the wrong thinking can be to your eternal life...Glory be to God for putting this movie in someones spirit to enlighten his sheep...great work people.. (Posted on 6/10/2011)
    See this movie! Review by Jerry Kelley
    I'm a CHRIST follower, AKA born again Christian. I will be the first person to agree that a lot of the early christian movies and even some today have low quality about them. Usually being a low budget film the makers have little to work with, but that's not why the movie is made. It's being made to get people to think about their eternal destiny. The reviews that complain about this movie seem to either not really seen it or if they saw it seem to miss certain points the movie has in them. A review claimed the people abducted were not shown to be involved in the occult, witchcraft, drinking, etc. The movie said or someone close to them is involved in the occult or witchcraft. Nothing is mentioned about drinking?? One last thing, do I hear a sigh of relief from the ones who didn't like the movie?? The 2 reporters one was a confirmed non-christian but the other as the review said was fence-sitter who isn't sure if he should accept Jesus as his Savior. But in the movie he had accepted Jesus as his Savior at a young age, but his faith was being shaken because he had'nt allowed Jesus to be part of his every day life. I consider this to be one of the better christian movies, Dave & Rich Christiano, keep cranking them out!!! (Posted on 8/25/2010)
    Great Family movie with a message Review by Jose Maldonado
    This movie was gripping from beginning to end. The non-believer in the movie actually got the message! Great apocalyptic or end of the world/time movie. It's a Family movie. If you liked, "Time Changer" you'll like this one. It's one one of the few Christian/Family movies that are SciFi based. Great musical score for the opening credits. I plan to buy a copy to show to all my Family and Friends. Recommended. (Posted on 8/25/2010)
    Solid movie! Review by b villa

    Rich Christiano has been putting out some decent movies of late and are getting better. He may not have the big budgets of Hollywood movies... and believe me, if he had the $80-$100 million budget, whoa! this would rival any big time Hollywood movie.

    The film itself could lend to some better dialouge or even a "heftier" plot but its main message is that UFO is just demonic activity to delude people into believing what they want to believe and not wanting to be held accountable to the truth. The truth is that we need Jesus to get to Heaven. Period. Most will not like my review but I am not here to win a popularity contest with all you "intellectual" types or "real" film critics. I am here to tell you that this film was excellent in bringing its timely message to the masses. This world is going through a major delusional period that is so strong that even some Christians could be even deceived.

    This film has merit and is based on what is going on today. The acting was really better than one would expect. The story is certainly credible. I applaud Rich Christiano for putting this forward. I can't wait for his next project! (Posted on 8/25/2010)

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